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Located right in the middle of downtown 'Shinsaibashi'. Just 2 min walk from Shinsaibashi Sta. on Midosuji Subway Line, Amerika mura or Shinsaibashi Shopping Street. International Sake Bar is on the 1st floor of this hostel building, which is run by J-Hoppers.
Most of our private rooms are traditional JPN style. We have various private rooms such as twin/double/triple/quad ensuite and double/triple/quad private with shared bathroom.

=== Event ===
Every Tuesday: International Exchange Party 7-10pm 300yen
*Our events are subject to change with/without advanced notice.*

=== Neighbourhood ===
*America mura: 1 min walk
*Donkihote: 3 min walk
*Shisaibashi suji shopping mall: 2 min walk
*100yen shop: 1 min walk
*Convenience store with International ATM (7/11): 1 minute walk

================ IMPORTANT / 重要 ================

A confirmation e-mail will be automatically sent from our booking system when your booking has been made successfully. Please fill in a valid e-mail address and double check that it is correct before completing your booking. If your e-mail address is entered incorrectly, a confirmation e-mail will not be sent. Please contact us if you do not receive any confirmation e-mail after completing your booking. Our e-mail address

Address 1: 1-8-4, , Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku [大阪市中央区西心斎橋1丁目8-4]

City: Osaka - Osaka

Postal Code: 542-0086

Contact Name: Osaka Hana Hostel

Phone: 06-6281-8786 [8:00-14:00 / 15:00-22:00]


  • Free Wifi Internet
  • Free coffee & tea
  • Free seasoing
  • Free ear plug
  • Free body soap
  • Free shampoo
  • Free luggage storage
  • Free common PC
  • Bicycle rental:700JPY
  • Towel rental:100JPY
  • Pad lock rental
  • Plug adapter rental
  • Iron rental
  • Down quilt
  • Linen included
  • Coin laundry
  • No curfew
  • Smoke-free
  • Smoking area designated
  • Sightseeing City Map
  • 無料WiFiネット接続
  • 無料コーヒー・お茶
  • 無料調味料
  • 無料耳栓
  • 無料ボディソープ
  • 無料シャンプー
  • 無料荷物室利用
  • 無料共用PC
  • レンタサイクル700円
  • 貸しバスタオル100円
  • 南京錠無料貸出し
  • アイロン無料貸出し
  • 羽毛布団
  • リネン代込み
  • コインランドリー
  • 門限なし
  • 喫煙場所あり
  • 観光市内マップ
  • 全館禁煙

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 03:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Terms and Conditions

===== Bookable Period =====
You may make a reservation up to 3 months ahead of your stay.

===== Group Booking =====
1. We do not accept reservations from a party of 7 or more people, and the rule applies to bookings from the same party reserved under different names. We do no guarantee to keep your booking in such cases.
2. A group of over 4 persons can not be stayed in a same dormitory room.

===== Credit Card Number =====
We need the card number and expiration date of your credit card for booking guarantee. We accept VISA,MASTER or JCB. If it is found that the credit card is invalid, we require that you send a valid card We don't guarantee to keep your booking without a valid credit card number. We do not charge for your stay with this credit card. Only should you go against the above articles, we will charge you the applicable cancellation fee. Should you arrive without incident, please make your payment upon your arrival by cash or credit card. We accept different credit cards from the one you gave us for booking as long as the card is VISA, MASTER or JCB

===== Children =====
1. Persons under 17 years old can not stay without their parents. ( We might accept them based on his/her age if they submit a consent document from their parents in advance. )
2. Children under 12 years of age may not stay in the Dormitory rooms, even if they stay with their parents in the same room (They can only stay in private rooms with their parents). 
3. In case sharing a bed, please select one of these options with their age in the comment box of booking page.

|||||||||||| Double room ||||||||||||
Studio type Enstuite Double / JPN Style Ensuite Double / WTN Style Double
 Option A: 2 adults + 1 child
 Option B: 1 adult  + 2 children

|||||||||||| Twin room ||||||||||||
JPN Style Ensuite Twin / Bunk Style Ensuite Twin 
 Option A: 2 adults + 1 child
 Option B: 1 adult  + 2 children

|||||||||||| Triple room ||||||||||||
Studio type Ensuite Triple / JPN Style Triple
 Option A: 3 adults + 1 child
 Option B: 2 adults + 2 children
 Option C: 1 adult  + 3 children

|||||||||||| Quad room ||||||||||||
Loft bed Ensuite Family / Loft bed Private
 Option A: 4 adults + 1 child
 Option B: 3 adults + 2 children
 Option C: 2 adults + 3 children

===== Cancellation Policy: =====
1. If you wish to cancel or change your reservation, we will require 2 days advance notice before the date of your arrival (e.g. if your arrival date is on the 5th, the latest time to cancel your booking without  charge is on the 3rd before 10 p.m Japan time), otherwise you will be charged the cancellation fee of one night's stay. Cancellations made with two days advance notice or more will not be charged. 
2. If you fail to check in as scheduled, we will cancel all your bookings and you will be charged the cancellation fee of one night’s stay.
3. During your stay, we also require two days advance notice, should you want to change the duration of your stay. As long as you notify us two days before, we will refund the fee you have already paid. 
4. For groups of 5 or more people, we may require additional condition when you make a reservation.

===== Accommodation Terms: =====
1. Please make your payment for your entire stay upon your arrival. Credit Cards accepted (VISA, MASTER or JCB) 
2. Check-in time 15:00 to 22:00 / Check-out time 8:00 to 11:00 / Reception hours : 8:00-14:00 & 15:00-22:00. In case  you arrive from 22:00 onward, please let us know in advance. We have no curfew and lockout.
3. We take no responsibility for the loss or damage of guest’s belongings regardless if it is in a private room, dorm room or common space including the luggage storage. 
4. Excessive noise or other behaviour complaints will be subject to one warning. Any further complaints will result in immediate eviction with no refund
5. We must be notified immediately of any loss or damage to our property. Guests will be charged reasonably for any repair or replacement of any property loss,removal or damage. 
6. We reserve the right to debit the credit card tendered or seek other payment for any additional charges incurred from lost, missing or damaged property or additional cleaning. 
7. We will keep an unclaimed lost article for 1 month after you check out. After that we dispose of them.
8. Smoking is not allowed inside of the building. (Outside entrance is allowed) If there is any evidence to suggest you have been smoking. i.e. setting off smoke detectors or leaving cigarette remains(ash,butts,burn marks.) you will be removed from the premises. 
9. The reception is on the 2nd floor. But there is no elevator from the 1st floor to 2nd floor. Please note that you will have to carry your luggage up. 

||||||||||||||||| ルール・規約 |||||||||||||||||||||


1. 7名様以上グループ(お子様/幼児を含む)は、ご予約を受け付けておりません。予約の名前が異なっていても同じ日で行動を共にされるグループであれば、同じグループとみなしまし、ご予約を保証致しかねます。
2. 5名様以上(4名まで可)のグループは、ドミトリーの同室でお泊りいただくことはできません。 


1. 同伴の保護者のいない18歳未満の方のみのご宿泊はご遠慮いただいております。(保護者から同意書の提出、 ご年齢等を踏まえてご宿泊を受け入れる場合もございますのでご予約の前にご相談くださいませ。)
2. 12歳未満のお子様は、ドミトリーにご宿泊頂くことはできません。(保護者の方が同室にご宿泊していても、事前に同意書をご提出頂いたとして も、受入れいたしかねます。)
3. 添い寝するお子様がいらっしゃる場合は、予約情報を入力するページの当該欄にお子様の年齢と合わせてどのオプションに当てはまるかご記載ください。

|||||||||||| Double room ||||||||||||
Studio type Enstuite Double / JPN Style Ensuite Double / WTN Style Double
 オプション A):大人2人 + 子供1人
 オプション B):大人1人 + 子供2人

|||||||||||| Twin room ||||||||||||
JPN Style Ensuite Twin / Bunk Style Ensuite Twin 
 オプション A):大人2人 + 子供1人
 オプション B):大人1人 + 子供2人

|||||||||||| Triple room ||||||||||||
Studio type Ensuite Triple / JPN Style Triple
 オプション A):大人3人 + 子供1人
 オプション B):大人2人 + 子供2人
 オプション C):大人1人 + 子供3人

|||||||||||| Quad room ||||||||||||
Loft bed Ensuite Family / Loft bed Private
 オプション A):大人4人 + 子供1人
 オプション B):大人3人 + 子供2人
 オプション C):大人2人 + 子供3人

1. ご予約をキャンセルされる場合は、ご到着予定日の2日前まで(ご到着予定日の前々日22時まで)にお知らせください。ご連絡が前々日22時より遅れますと、1泊目の宿泊料全額をキャンセル料として申し受けます。
2. ご到着予定日にチェックインされなかった場合は(No show)、ご到着予定日以降すべてのご予約をキャンセルさせて頂き、1泊目の宿泊料全額をキャンセル料として申し受けます。
3. チェックイン時にご滞在期間分のご宿泊料全額を申し受けますが、ご滞在期間中に予約をキャンセルまたは変更される場合は、該当日の2日前までにお申し出ください。2日前までにお申し出頂いた場合は、お支払い頂いたご宿泊料金を返金いたします。 
4. 5名様以上のご予約につきましては、別途で個別のキャンセル規約を設けさせて頂くことがございます。

1. チェックイン時にご宿泊日数分を全額前払い頂きます。クレジットカード(VISA/ MASTER / JCB)はご利用可能です。
2. チェックイン : 15:00~22:00、チェックアウト : 8:00~11:00、受付時間 : 8:00-14:00 & 15:00-22:00(※門限はございません。) 
3. 当館(個室、相部屋、荷物室を含む。)にご滞在の期間(チェックアウト前、チェックアウト後、館内共用施設をご利用になる場合を含む)は貴重品などお客様の持ち物はすべてご自身で管理ください。紛失や毀損など当館では責任を負いかねます。 
4. 他のお客様に迷惑をかける行為(騒音、不快な言動など)が見うけられる場合は、警告させて頂きます。警告により改善されない場合は、退館して頂くこともございます。(その場合、宿泊費は返金いたしません。)
5. 滞在期間中に館内の設備、備品などを破損されたり、紛失された場合は、すみやかにスタッフまでお知らせください。修理代や代替品の購入に相当する費用を請求させて頂く場合がございます。
6. 館内でお忘れになった遺失物は、1ヶ月間保管いたしますが、その後は処分いたします。
8. 受付は、建物の2階となっており、1階から2階まではエレベーターがなく階段となっております。